Moroccan unglazed serving bowl

Moroccan unglazed serving bowl


Origin Morocco

A traditional unglazed terracotta serving bowl. There are many health benefits of unglazed cookware, namely that far less nutrients are destroyed during the heating process. It is said to be the most organic means of cooking and will add earthy flavours to your food.

It’s textured surface is evidence of the handcrafted techniques used to make it. It is a rustic and practical addition to the kitchen for food lovers.

This dish is oven and hob safe. Unglazed terracotta can not withstand sudden heat changes so cooking must start on low heat. A diffuser must be used with gas hobs, or it should be kept at a gentle simmer.

Unglazed terracotta is porous and will take on the flavours of the food cooked. It is important to season your cookware before us. The most simple means of doing so is to rub the interior with olive oil. But the more flavour you add to the seasoning, the more will be transferred to your cooking.

D 16cm

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