Square oil lamp

Square oil lamp


Origin Morocco

An old Moroccan oil lamp which could pass as contemporary design. A beautiful and practical object.

Oil lamps have been used for centuries to provide light where electricity is not available. The flame burns for hours and they are very inexpensive and environmentally friendly to run. Not only are they beautiful objects, but act as everlasting candles.

We use olive oil in our lamps as it burns slowly and without smoke. But any natural oil can be used. It is the oil that burns rather then the wick, so as long as the wick is kept well soaked with oil, it should not need to be replaced.

The lamp comes with a wick, we recommend to dip the whole thing in oil before burning. Once it is burning, the wick can be moved slightly to adjust the size of the flame.

Fill the body of the lamp with oil whenever the bottom of the wick is no longer sitting in a pool of it.

L 14cm
H 4cm

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