Tamegroute Pottery Oil Burner

Tamegroute Pottery Oil Burner


Origin Tamegroute, Morocco

This oil burner is a wonderful example of Tamegroute pottery.

To use, pour paraffin oil or other burnable natural oils (olive oil, nut oils) into the hole at the top, lay the wick along the spout as shown, ensuring the bottom of the wick sits generously inside the oil and light the other end. If oil levels are toped up regularly, the wick should never burn down, as it is simply used to transport the oil which is thing that burns.

Tamegroute is a small town bordering the desert, used in the past as the final stop before the long journey across the sahara to timbuktu for trade.

Every step of the process to make Tamegroute pottery relies on generations of experience and true craftsmanship. The temperature of the kiln is managed and altered by eye for each batch depending on how they are baking. The clay is dug from the river bed, mixed with water and kneaded by hand. And each piece is and thrown by a highly skilled potter, often making hundreds of items a day.

The recognisable green colour comes from the 1% copper content of the glaze mixed specifically with the clay out of the Draa river-bed.

This pottery is an amazing example of skills and traditions that are built over time and handed down through generations.

Each piece has minor surface imperfections due to the way they are stacked in the kilns.

H 10cm
D 10cm

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