Victorian ointment pots

Victorian ointment pots

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Origin c 1800's UK

Produced by pharmaceutical companies for ointments and toothpaste in the 1800's. Each pharmacy would produce it's own pots and own remedies for illnesses, beauty creams and toothpastes. Although now it is known that these ointments predominantly contained petroleum jelly, lard, beef fat and bee's wax, and provided little benefit to the customer.

The pots were disposable and are now found around the country when digging in areas that were once Victorian rubbish dumps. 

All pots can be used for homemade ointments, jewellery, vitamins etc etc.

Size of pot interiors:
(Sizes vary slightly from pot to pot)

Diameter 4cm
Depth 1cm

Diameter 5.5cm
Depth 2.5cm

Diameter 8cm
Depth 2.5cm

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